Poema de Ni Cotinelli

(A partir do índice de um livro)

For to wish the good morning.
For make a visit in the morning.
For to dress him self.
The walk.
The weather.
For to write.
The gaming.
With the tailor.
With a hair dresser.
For to breakfast.
For to ask some news.
For to buy.
For to dine.
For to speak french.
For to see the town.
To inform one'self of a person.
For to ride a horse.
With a watch maker.
For to visit a sick.
For to travel.
With a inn keeper.
From the house-keeping.
For the comedy.
The hunting.
The fishing.
With a furniture tradesman.
For embarking one's self.
With a gardener.
The books and of the reading.
The field.
The writing.
With a bookseller.
With a dentist.
With a laundress.
For to swim.
The french language.

(by Ni Cotinelli, in Adapta-me a Verve [Antologia de Poemas Adaptados em Línguas Adoptadas], 2005)