Tempo dos mais novos: uma histórinha ao cair do ano (39º excerto)

«...it, kind of like the way I was fucking her pussy) and brought it swiftly down on the right cheek of her ass. She yelped again (God, I love that) and jerked her hips forward, before pushing them back again. She looked back at me, her forehead wrinkled and her eyebrows turned up sadly. Oh, she looked so innocent and vulnerable and pleading. It was a beautiful sight! And the sight of my cock disappearing in her twat wasn't bad either. I brought my left hand up now and spanked her left cheek with equal force. Then I slapped both at once, then I alternated a few times more, and simultaneously again...and so on and so forth for several more rounds. each time my palm met her backside she yelped or cooed (sometimes both, believe it or not).

Now I can generally last a little longer then most guys (10 minutes or so), but this was a special situation. The sight (like I said) of her cunny swallowing my fuckstick, her reddened butt-cheeks and her cute face (she almost never broke eye contact the whole time I was fucking and spanking her) were too much. After only a few minutes, I made a few hard, slow thrusts and said "I'm comiiing" before I shot my seed deep inside her. She surprised me by pulling off, whipping around and sticking my slimy cock in her mouth! She seemed disappointed that she hadn't caught me before I came, but glad she was...