Tempo dos mais novos: uma histórinha ao fim da tarde (16º excerto)

«...He must have had a gallons worth. I was covered. It felt like my entire face was just soaked in cum. I was on fire. I looked up into his eyes with a look that had to say thank you. He pulled away, wiped himself and zipping up went out the door. Although I was secretly hoping maybe someone else would walk in, I really wanted to clean my face up first. Using the paper towels that an obviously friendly management had provided, I used quite a few cleaning myself up. When I thought I was looking presentable, I walked out of the booth and headed for the restroom I saw to wash my face clean also.

As I stepped out of the restroom I wondered what else this night might hold in store for me. Looking back to the first booth I had entered I saw the light on, indicating it was occupied. However the light in the adjoining booth was not lit. I walked in and dropped down to peek through the hole. I was rewarded by the site of a very young looking white guy with a huge cock getting sucked by yet another black guy. I stayed in this position until I saw what was obviously the white guy getting off. The black mouth seemed to savor every drop and I'm sure didn't loose any of it as he swallowed. Afterwards, the black guy stuck his fingers through the hole. I knew his...