Tempo dos mais novos: uma histórinha ao deitar (2º excerto)

«... a long sigh as he rubbed the sensitive under tip in her wetness.

"OOOHHH, YEAH!" She was sighing and moaning, breathing as deep as a bellows, like she couldn't get enough air. She was stretching, moving up and down as much as she could between the two of us, rubbing herself on the tip of his barb.

"Go ahead, big man! See if it'll fit in. Put it in me!"

"You want me to put it in little lady? Can you take it?"

"Try to get it in. I want you to fuck me!"

He pushed down on his cock again. Moving the tip to the opening, he began to push, but met the resistance of a too small opening. So he began to work it, gently, firmly, withdrawing, and then pushing a little deeper, easing, and then a little deeper still. Amazingly, her little opening began to stretch to accommodate him.

Her keening moans now took on a ragged edge, and I knew that she was experiencing some pain. He held still.

"Don't stop," she cried! "It's working, just the way you're doing it!"

He continued to push in and out, just working a little deeper with each effort. Once he got the massive tip inside, she seemed to relax, and the pain left her face. She was breathing again with deep lustful sighs.

"Is everything going O.K., darling," I asked?

"OOHH, Baby, it's so huge! MY GOD, I have never had anything this big in me! OOHHH, OOOHHH, ...