Esta é para o Beatle que existe dentro de cada um de nós...

Ou a verdade segundo John Lennon (que, 25 anos depois da sua morte, continua a fazer estragos):

a verdade, toda a verdade e nada mais que a verdade

«John Lennon compared life in The Beatles with decadent ancient Rome, in an interview (...) for Rolling Stone magazine, in December 1970.

(...) Lennon, who was shot dead on December 8 1980, said the circle around the band was a "portable Rome" of money, sex and drugs. "Everyone wanted in," he said. (...) "Don't take away our portable Rome, where we can all have our houses and our cars, and our lovers and our wives, and our office girls and parties and drink and drugs." (...) "If you couldn't get groupies, we had whores," he claimed. (...) "There were photos of me crawling round on my knees coming out of whorehouses in Amsterdam with people saying: 'Good morning, John.'" (...)

The singer also attacked his former songwriting partner and bandmate, Paul McCartney. "We got fed up of being sidemen to Paul after Brian Epstein (The Beatles' manager) died," he said. "Paul took over and supposedly led us. What's leading us when you wander round in circles?"

Lennon claimed the pair's songwriting partnership had ended "around 1962 or something". "All our best work, apart from the really early ones like 'I Want to Hold Your Hand', were written apart."

Amid the anger, Lennon still expressed respect for his former partner McCartney. "He's capable of great work and he will do it," he admitted.

(in NME.com)