«The faded majesty of the Alfama»

The faded majesty of the Alfama
«Paris had ruined all my romantic notions of the western European city. A single city – littered, rude, cheap and crass, and to me it symbolized all of Europe. Everything about Paris was overrated and overpriced, and so I had gone on imagining the rest of urban Europe to be much the same. That is until Lisbon.

Lisbon feels tropical, connected to Africa, on a biting cold day, and in its southern sun, like a mix and match of its neighbor’s architectures. It is colored in a smudgy gray, festooned with pinks and canaries and aquas and limes. Its slight inhabitants dress urbanely like their country cousins; just tighter weaves.

Das notes from the road, onde também se fala da costa de Lisboa, do Alentejo, das Beiras e de queijos. Com palavras mais simpáticas do que as que por cá se ouvem...