Da shorice tu encheite


«My girlfriend died. I was heartbroken, and vowed to remain faithful to her memory. At first I had no difficulty; my distress was so great that I couldn't even contemplate kissing anyone else. But, after a while, another girl started showing an interest. I resisted her advances. 'You're to pretty,' I told her, 'but it's just too soon. I'm sorry.' She wouldn't give up. She kept gently touching me, and fluttering her mascara-coated eyelashes. Eventually I yielded, and fell into her arms. The man asked us to leave. He said our rustling, slurping and giggling was upsetting the other mourners.»

Dan Rhodes, Anthropology and a hundred other stories

um fé diver: este precioso volume contém 101 histórias sobre ex, presentes ou prospectivas namoradas, cada uma composta por precisamente 101 palavras. Está traduzido na língua cá do burgo com o título «A namorada portuguesa e outras histórias»