Live Ego

O que se passou em palco, todo o mundo viu. Mas o que se passou no backstage só alguns testemunharam... Eis toda a verdade sobre os bastidores do Live8:

«While they preached charity and love on stage at Live8, the celebrity backstage area was all about warring egos.»

«SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, who both opened and closed Live8, made sure every one knew exactly whose show it really was by continually strolling up and down the backstage area with his entourage of six in tow.

And when the McCartneys came face to face with the BECKHAMS it was always going to be interesting to see the result. After praising Sir Paul on his opening number (which she was not actually there for), VICTORIA managed to infuriate the former Beatle by running off to hug an old friend. There were uncomfortable smiles all round because DAVID did not know how to explain his wife's disappearing act to Sir Paul. When Victoria finally returned, Sir Paul told her through gritted teeth: 'Oh, well, if she's more important than me ...'

The room was just one down from that of COLDPLAY and (Brad) Pitt happily caught up with his former fiancee GWYNETH PALTROW, who is now married to the band's frontman CHRIS MARTIN.

«The Beckhams, who were there with their manager SIMON FULLER, were the only stars to be surrounded by bodyguards while they were inside the food tent - they had two as well as two lackeys - but their entourage was relatively small compared with that of SNOOP DOGG. He had no fewer than 15 muscly minders.

SIR ELTON JOHN, who flew to perform in Dublin after completing his set, had a mere five bodyguards with him, but they took their duties seriously enough to be standing outside as he used the super-plush mahogany portable toilets.

A surly ROBBIE WILLIAMS used his two minders to keep away autograph hunters.

«Later on, eyebrows were raised at how quickly an incredibly skinny Victoria, who was wearing a pair of her new own-label jeans, appeared to be necking down the free wine.

Everyone was agreed that the singer (Robbie Williams), charm personified on stage, was the biggest grouch behind the scenes. He paced up and down outside his dressing room to make sure all eyes were on him but snarled as anyone came near him. He turned on the charm, however, while being interviewed by the BBC's FEARNE COTTON. She blushed as he told her: 'My name's Robbie Williams. I'm single. I hear you're newly single. Why don't we get it on?' She replied: 'Can we save this for when the cameras are off?' But he continued: 'Make Poverty History and Get Robbie Laid - they're the two messages we've got today.'

BRAD PITT, on stage for all of two minutes, was furious that he did not have his own dressing room and RICHARD CURTIS, the director who heads the Make Poverty History campaign, had to vacate his for the actor.

Most obscure request of the day came from Madonna, who said she would drink only Kabbalah water - which she credits with getting rid of her husband GUY RITCHIE'S verrucas. She still clearly has her finger on the pulse however, and grabbed comic RICKY GERVAIS to beg for a role in his new show.

Toda a verdade, aqui.